Our upcoming indoor training session is on Thursday, starting at 7pm


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Our website is designed to encourage more people to play volleyball in Nottingham area, promote this amazing sport and to invite more experienced players to start training with us to enhance skills (ours and theirs).

So if you would like to learn a bit more about our club, or simply find out when and where do we run our training sessions, just have a look on our Teams page.

You can also visit our Facebook page, where you’ll find the most up to date information about our matches, upcoming events, tournaments and much more!

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Our Training Sessions

Want to play sport for fun or competitively? Then consider playing volleyball in Nottingham because it’s one of the best activities to get involved with.

We are a friendly club, who are based at the Portland Centre in Nottingham and train every Thursday 7-9pm.

It’s not all training and drills, we have a social calendar as well, that should not be missed.

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Our upcoming session is on Thursday, starting at 7pm

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